We work for
an unique world

We are a leading company in the development of decentralized technology, which seeks the connection between companies and people. We have an interdisciplinary team that is passionate and committed to the needs of our users.

We are motivated to contribute to a free, efficient and secure financial world; for this we have Pluto Crypto POS and Pluto Wallet, solutions that facilitate the access and use of Blockchain technologies.

Our history

We were born in 2016 in Delaware, United States, as a Start-Up in the Fintech sector with the de desarrollo de modelos y sistemas de predicción del mercado bursátil, en 2017 debido al auge de las crypto divisas, apostamos por incursionar en el desarrollo de proyectos Blockchain y nos apasionamos por propulsar la economía y la descentralización de Estados Unidos and Latinoamerica.

At present

We are building an ecosystem that allows trading products and services with cryptocurrencies in the United States. With presence in countries such as Colombia, El Salvador and Spain, we offer multiple solutions that allow people to empower themselves in the blockchain ecosystem in an agile, fast and intuitive way. 

Our values


Through our talent and creativity, we develop projects of blockchain nature with the objective of being competitive in the market.


To transmit confidence and security by acting responsibly in each of our actions.


Through our individual and collective work we build the synergy of the team to achieve the objectives set.


We are committed to the optimization of a responsible and sustainable economy through renewable energies.

Our Mission

To lead the adoption of decentralized and innovative technologies to contribute to the construction of free, sustainable and transparent economies.

Our Vision

By the year 2025 to be a reference in the Latin American and Caribbean region in the implementation of decentralized technologies within various productive sectors, allowing people and organizations to be part of a global economic revolution.